Yandex Maps Review

Yandex Maps Review


Are you a dedicated or an sophisticated searcher? Then you need Yandex Maps. This is an outstanding tool that will make you feel as if you are home from any part of the world. Yandex Maps features the comprehensive maps of nearly all the cities of the world as well as a meticulous business index.

Yandex Maps can design itineraries for sedans and public transport to avoid traffic jams.

Yandex Maps Features

  • The comprehensive maps of 263 municipalities and cities from corner to corner of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia
  • The aptitude to rummage around for particular addresses or close by areas of interest such as fuel stations, ATMs, restaurants, drug stores, cafes and lots more.
  • Yandex instantaneous traffic as well as Yandex traffic alerts – gridlocks, road works, accidents and many more.
  • An itinerary planner that maps out routes depending on current traffic situations
  • Any other details on businesses, buildings and other areas that of interest.


  • The app allows you to see the entire world easily
  • Updated regularly
  • Yandex Maps is an amazing app for drivers
  • Navigation functions excellently well, compared to Google Maps
  • Long lasting SD card
  • The street sceneries and satellite images assist you to maneuver your way about


  • Yandex Maps cannot download maps underneath ICS on SGSII
  • Requires the SD card install selection
  • This app cannot download offline maps and cannot modify the interface language
  • The latest renovation needs permission to be established in order to change passwords
  • There is no opportunity to select traffic color design

Yandex Maps: Russia, Ukraine and Turkey


Yandex Maps is a great app for exploring the maps of as many municipalities and towns, particularly of Russia, Turkey, and lots more. As a matter of fact, this second to none app has made it simple for users to explore different addresses, destinations and also to plan their trips to some areas in Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. Are you from any of these three countries? If yes, Yandex Maps app is perfect for you.

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