Yahoo Maps Website is your Free Online Mapping Portal

Yahoo Maps Website is your Free Online Mapping Portal


The core Yahoo Maps website is a free online mapping portal that provides driving directions and street maps for the United States and Canada. Yahoo Maps are Features: Address Book, Live Traffic, Point of Interest Finder, Driving Directions, Yahoo Maps Web Services and Yahoo Maps News.

Notable Features of Yahoo Maps

The Address Book

This is where all registered Yahoo users store their list of commonly used street addresses, which make it unnecessary to re-type them. An address recently entered can be recalled quickly by choosing one from a drop-down list.

Live Traffic

This is the feature that will allow you view traffic incident markers and recent highway situations on the map.

Point of Interest Finder

You can use this feature to find businesses and other points of interest very close to the recent location with clickable icons that provide an address, telephone number as well as links for additional information.

Driving Directions

This can be exhibited on a map or in printable form as simple text, or with optional turn-by-turn maps. Links to driving directions can be e-mailed, and text directions sent to your handsets.

Yahoo Maps Web Services

In order to make mash-up through the Yahoo Maps Developers APIs, developers can incorporate Yahoo Maps into their own web pages. Yahoo Maps APIs features three fundamental flavors including:

  • Flash APIs that makes use of the Adobe Flash platform such as Adobe Flex 1.5, ActionScript, or JavaScript.
  • The Simple API, which is an XML data format and an extension of GeoRSS, used for displaying point of interest data above Yahoo main map site. Ajax and Flash APIs equally support the display of GeoRSS formatted data
  • The Ajax API is for interactive maps that make use of capabilities inbuilt into web browsers, without making use of the Flash plug-in. the Ajax applications are authored in JavaScript.

Yahoo Maps News

On May 16, 2007, Yahoo! launched a new map style planned by Cartifact (the cartography) company, on May 16, 2007. The imagery and data of Yahoo Maps were also made available by Cartifact, together with shaded relief showing land cover coloring and land surface features indicating major environmental zones.

Maps of India were included in at some point before May 2007 and it is a non Flash interface to Yahoo Maps. The site also lets a user view maps for the rest of the world in addition to reasonably detailed India coverage.

Yahoo Maps became powered by Here Maps from Nokia, at some point between 2011 and 2013.

Yahoo Maps seized to exist in late June 2015.

Yahoo! Provides many low-level APIs to support maps, for getting a map image, geo-coding, retrieving traffic information, or searching for a local business. A number of other Yahoo! services, like and Flickr have their content available on web services, with interesting potential for mash-ups.

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