Yahoo Maps Review

Yahoo Maps Review


With Yahoo Maps online mapping service, you will be able to uncover businesses, directions, locations and other data that have anything to do with geography. The Yahoo Maps website features a great colorful map. With Yahoo Maps, it is possible for users to look for destinations across the world. However, to make this possible and successful, you must input the name of a location, the address or zip code.

There are other supplementary tabs for those who are looking for a particular business or need travel descriptions. Maps can be printed, sent by email or connected to. Y! Maps also offers numerous viewing choices such as satellite view, normal map and crossbreed view.

Yahoo Maps Features

  • Directions – This is the feature that allows Yahoo Maps users to discover their way amid two locations
  • Map viewing – The choices are the hybrid, standard, and satellite maps
  • Users can look for businesses in any part of the universe
  • Both directions and Maps can either be connected or emailed
  • Maps can be dragged from one side to another or up and down by users
  • The zoom feature of Yahoo Maps lets users take a careful look at geographic areas
  • The search fields – Can be located on the left margin and they provide exceptional suppleness than most map sites.
  • Reverse instructions and round tour – these features are very helpful when you are roaming in a new location.
  • Quick menu – used for altering the language of your directions to the five most common languages
  • Find a business on the map – This is the feature used to look for businesses by type of business or name in the map area.


  • Sending maps is very easy
  • Yahoo Maps provides a live traffic view
  • Very easy to use
  • Offers perfect and valuable outcomes
  • User-friendly method of searching and adjusting maps


  • You need to open Yahoo account to enjoy some of the more convenient features
  • Sending your map to a cellular phone through text message is the only alternative for exporting from Yahoo Maps
  • It is impossible for users to save online maps as pictures or exported directly to GPS or mobile gadgets.

Yahoo Maps is perfect for you

If you are looking for a map that you will send to somebody via text message or email, Yahoo Maps is perfect for you. Features such as simple map upload by text message or email and traffic conditions make Yahoo Maps a competitive site for those using online maps.

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