The new Google Maps 2016

The new Google Maps 2016


The new Google Maps are an Experience Designed to Highlight What Matters Most to You with Every Search. Google Maps offered by Google is a mapping app that can be entrenched into your site by making use of both Google Map Application Programming Interface (API) and the Google Map asset. Google Maps is used as a navigational tool for showing where your business is located or for letting users discover the place they are visiting your site from.

With Google Maps, you can discover restaurants, businesses, as well as some other places of interest. In addition, it will offer you with one after the other directions to wherever you are going.

Without exaggerating, Google Maps is one of the coolest tools that founded by Google. It is the most comprehensive, most complete and the best world map you will ever get on the Internet. Google Maps satellite shots assist with orientation in a new territory. Google Maps is a place to go, whenever you need to give directions.

Best Things about Google Maps

1- Get Directions

With Google Maps, you will be able to get directions by car for most places because it doesn’t work in all places. Just right-click the map and choose Directions from here at your start point, and then Directions to here at your destination. After that, select Walking or By car or from the drop-down menu.

One great thing is that you can even view images of your trip for some routes.

2- Default Location

You will probably see a North America map by the time you visit All you need to do if you want to set a default location from where Google Maps will always begin when you open it is to just enter one location and then click on Make this my default location on the left.

Your chosen location has to be at least a city, but can be as comprehensive as the precise street address.

3- My Maps

You can make notes on a Google Map, come up with your own maps, navigate around, draw directions, place-marks, or just add comments with My Maps. Click on Create new map inside My Maps and you will discover four new tools located on the top left corner of the map. From left to the right, choose draw a shape, draw a line, add a place-mark, and edit map features.

Anything you include in your map will show in a small legend on the left, in addition to the title and description you bestowed your items. It is noteworthy that you can save your maps, share them, edit them at any point in time, work in partnership with others on a map, and keep your maps private or public.

You can invite individuals to edit your map, let them also invite others with the Collaborate option, and you can even allow anyone to edit your map.

Google Maps remains a resourceful and great tool discovered by Google, despite how you feel about it. It the best world map you can ever find on the Internet because it is the most comprehensive and exceptional. Just click on through Google Maps and experience an experience premeditated to highlight what matters most to you with every search.

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