HERE Maps App Review

HERE Maps App Review


Here App was developed by Nokia as a GPS app. It can be installed in most windows phones, Android and iOS devices.  Here app provides offline maps, navigation, and traffic. Moreover, pedestrian and transit navigation are available.

However during my tests, I found errors and incomplete public transit information. Here is not a replacement of Google Maps but fine supplement.

Here App POI Interface

The app follows several steps.  The app requests to send notifications concerning badges, updates, and relevant information when you start the app. Consider creating an account through typing your name, birth date, email, and password then login. A helpful walkthrough app is then displayed. The main menu has settings where voice guidance is provided if need be. One can also enable speed alerts and download alert voices.

How do you search? Its’ an easy process since you just enter the business name or the address of the place you want to search in the search box. Here enables you to use one place to search the whole map instead of using various browsing categories.  I was able to find most of the destinations I searched by use of the app e.g. museums, restaurants.

Here App Car Navigation

Here accurately took me to Fairway Market in Harlem as I did my driving tests. This is unlike TomTom and Apple apps. The later apps sent me steering via the store nearby a highway. On one route, though sailing was solid, the app began recalculating despite the fact that I made the correct turn. Recalculation was fast and easy to comprehend when I made a wrong turn.

The app is beneficial since it outlines every available alternative once you search a destination. The various options enables you choose whether to walk, drive or take public transit. Nevertheless, you can use here while offline in accessing maps and turn-by-turn navigation. However, you can neither access transits schedules nor updates while offline but can still get around.

Transit and Pedestrian Navigation

It is awesome to see transit navigation. However the app has a few missing details. Just like CoPilot and Maps app, it doesn’t recognize that you can walk through a bridge. The app also only gives driving directions despite the fact that one can use a ferry at a certain point. Several issues arise while on foot. CoPilot directed me to a route that loses its sidewalk with no crosswalks in a very busy street therefore someone unfamiliar with the place can get lost.

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