Google Maps allows you to receive Traffic Alerts

Google Maps allows you to receive Traffic Alerts


One application that you should have on your phone especially when you are travelling is Google Maps. This application helps you know where you currently are, which route to take if you are lost and the direction you should take to arrive at your destination. The application also gives information about a specific locations when you request.

Google Maps also shows traffic information when you request on the map but previously the same information was not shown in the “Navigation mode”. If the road was congested the application used to show the road being red and various other colors represented other situations. However Google have made an update to Google Maps and now traffic information can be accessed from the navigator.

This new feature works in the following ways. The first one is where you are provided with traffic information after you have set your destination on the map. The information you are provided with includes whether there are traffic jams ahead or whether there is construction work going on that is likely to slow you down. It also gives information about how much you will be slowed down depending on the route you choose and it also gives reasons of why you are likely to be slowed down. As you continue with your journey you continue to receive updates concerning traffic.

You also get to receive alerts as you continue with your journey. The application has also been designed to give information about alternative routes and why one should use these routes. Examples of reasons it may give include the occurrence of an accident or simply the fact that a certain route will take you to your destination faster.

When one receives the traffic information conveyed by Google Maps one is able to know the kind of circumstance you are getting yourself into. This reasons are proof that the application provides information that helps the users make informed decisions before they set out on a journey. Now you can easily plan your trip and be able to estimate the amount of time you are likely to take so if you were going to meet someone now you can be able to plan your schedule more effectively. Currently the feature may not be suitable in all countries of the world and Google did not say that they intend to for it to work in only certain geographical areas therefore we can assume it will continue to expand in terms of Geographical capabilities.

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