Bing Maps Review

Bing Maps Review


With Bing Maps, you will be able to create routes, find locations and save all of them, using your Windows Live account. Bing Maps is previously known as Windows Live Local or Live Search Maps. In addition, you can use Bing Maps to look for a particular place, obtain driving routes, view the existing traffic situations, and use the Location Finder to pinpoint your location.

Furthermore, you can modify the perceptible map area, whiz in and out on the map, experience bird’s eye map views, and navigate the map. With Bing Maps, you can also search for collections, people, and businesses.

It is also noteworthy that Bing Maps is the atlas web app of Microsoft, used for providing satellite and map views of street and earth view, including an exceptional bird’s eye view of cities.

Bing Maps allows you to create locations, look for places and use your Windows Live account to save all of them, just as it is obtainable with Google Maps. The main distinction for users is that zooming and going in and out look different. Bing features added impetus, which looks fastidious, but can as well end up in exaggerated movements if you are not conversant with it.

Bing Maps Features

  • Offline map downloads
  • Search along your route
  • Driving mode
  • Popular times
  • Find a bathroom
  • Send directions to your phone
  • See traffic patterns

The biggest imperfection of Bing Maps is that it is not incorporated in the Bing Search. Look for an address in Bing, and you cannot find any tab that you can use to go straight to your search in Bing Maps, which is regarded as a missed chance.


  • Great bird’s eye view
  • Superbly designed directions tool is


  • Navigation needs to be improved
  • There are a number of errors noticed

Bing Maps vs Google Maps

By and large, Bing Maps is a levelheaded contribution, except for the fact that it is not all that absolute or as well incorporated as Google Maps. Optimistically, the search will get better over time and the atlas will have errors corrected.

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