4 Apps to Track Family and Track Friends on a Map

4 Apps to Track Family and Track Friends on a Map


With technological advancement, it is now possible to track your family and friends on a map with some applications. Without wasting time, discussed here are apps that you can now use to track your family and friends on a map. Our list: Find My Friends, Google+, Glympse and Swarm.

Find My Friends


Find My Friends is a default native app within iOS. It connects with your Apple ID and allows you to share your location with those people you want. If you have several iOS devices, you can temporarily immobilize location sharing at any time and on a gadget-by-gadget basis.

Linked friends and family appear on a map and this being Apple it works across various apps on OS X and iOS without a glitch because it is Apple —iCloud component that allows you to track your contacts on the web is the latest addition. Subsequently, it means you are out of luck, if all your friends are on Windows or Android.



Before now there was a partially-upright service referred to as Google Latitude – a number of its features got incorporated into Google+ sooner or later, after it was shut down, like the location tracking. Unlock the Locations entry on the menu within the Google+ app for Android to sight your contacts on a map.



Glympse is your best choice at the moment, if all you need is an autonomous, traverse-platform and mediator location sharing service that is not attached to Android and iOS. To make the service very successful, it has a lot of features and that is the major reason why it is a good location sharing gadget.

Glympse app is flexible enough to do the whole lot from getting your boss informed that you are getting late to organizing a group night out, and messaging tools are added as well.



Competing against your friends and checking into places to earn additional points along the way is the main focus Swarm, but the ability to see where your friends are is an added element of the app. Meanwhile, Foursquare has recoiled to centering on being more similar to Yelp.

Swarm app comprises of features for locating which of your friends are hanging out close by, and you can make use of the incorporated messaging element to organize a get together. It is a bit more user-friendly and more helpful for casual meet-ups, despite the fact that you don’t get similar instantaneous tracking you do with other apps.

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