3 Advantages of Apple Maps over Google Maps

3 Advantages of Apple Maps over Google Maps


Apple Maps is getting better with the expectation to improve even more in the long run. This is the right time to reconsider this previously beleaguered navigation app, if you have dismissed Apple Maps as astonishingly useless.

Without any doubt, Google Maps is one navigation app to beat, particularly as it is always seemed preferable to Apple Maps, which is its primary iOS rival.

Advantages Apple Maps has over Google Maps

1- Night mode

Google Maps mysteriously lacks a night mode on iOS for beginners. Therefore, the screen is a gigantic, bright interruption for both the driver and anybody in the front passenger seat, when driving after dark using iPhone 6 Plus and Google Maps for navigation. Apple Maps features an automatic night mode, which makes it very easy to center your mind on the road ahead.

2- List steps

The List Steps feature of Apple Maps shows all the steps in your route in one expedient, scrollable screen. Google Maps expects you to flip through the street names at the top of the app screen to see each step in your route before time.

3- Apple Watch

Finally, Apple Maps comes with an Apple Watch extension, and Google Maps does not. On the other hand, Apple Maps is no so much available on Android Wear Smartwatches, but Google Maps is available.

When it is time to make a turn, the Apple Maps extension causes your watch to quiver, which can be helpful when walking or driving. When it is time to turn right, you will feel 12 speedy taps and six to inform you to hang a left.

When it comes to maps, there is a lot at stake for both Apple Maps and Google Maps. One day for example, Apple Maps and Google Maps could give the navigation engine for self-driving vehicles from each company, in that order.

We can look forward to more mapping features from both companies in an archetypal one-upmanship, in the short term.

Just of recent, Google Maps included latest Android feature that alerts you if you are about to follow the map to a business that is presently closed.

At last, Apple Maps will be offering transit directions in many cities with the iOS 9 launch expected later this year — the service Google Maps has provided for years.

As Apple bought over Coherent Navigation (a startup GPS navigation service) recently, Apple Maps direction could improve even more in the near future. The Coherent Navigation service will provide a high degree of accuracy.

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